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History, Mission & Vision

Our History

Since before he did his first stock trade in 1983, Doug Hepburn has been fascinated with the markets, personal financial planning and helping clients to manage their financial affairs more efficiently. 

As a CPA Doug was instilled with the principals of integrity and objectivity, while learning how to make the tax code work for clients as opposed to against them. 

Like the statue of Commodore John Barry (behind Independence Hall in Philadelphia) our role is to point you in the direction to reach your goals and help you navigate through the inevitable storms that will arise so that you can arrive at your destination in tact.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering the best possible advice to our clients, financial and otherwise, so that they can lead more rewarding and fulfilling lives with confidence that they have made the right decisions.

Our Vision

Our goal is to build an organization that consistently delivers on its promises so that when clients are asked who they trust, Hepburn Financial Advisors is the first name that comes to mind.