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Succession Planning is a Team Sport - For business owners nearing retirement age, having a succession plan for their business is key to getting equity out.  A critical component of any plan is making sure the right advisors are on board and working together for the client's objectives.

Don't Let Your Clients be Lured By Fools Gold - The Great Recession has caused many to reach for higher returns, but this strategy could lead to larger losses than gains.

Insurance Review Time is Now - Changes in the economy, personal/business situations, lower cost of insurance, improved underwriting and product innovation are all reasons why CPA financial advisors should be reviewing client insurance portfolios now!

TV Appearance with PA Senator Andrew Dinneman discussing investment concepts and financial planning.

Estate Plans Difficult When Tax's Future is Cloudy - The expriation of the estate tax has left many wondering how to deal with the changes.  Here are a few options to consider.

Fiduciary Liability In Retirement Plans - Responsibilities and pitfalls of offering a 401(k) plans.

Executives, Too, Must Plan for the Unexpected - Transition planning for corporate executives.

Are Your Exits Clearly Marked? - Succession planning for CPAs and professional services firms.

Life Insurance and the Premium Financing Option - Benefits and risks of using loans to finance life insurance premiums.

Pension Protection Act of 2006: A Wedding of the Old and New - This tax law change will affect how you save for retirement... in a good way.

Life Goes on After Retirement - Planning for retirement has changed significantly.  Don't get caught short on assets when it's too late to catch up.

Doug Hepburn in the News

PICPA Connects with NBC-10 on Credit Card Debt

What's Up With the Estate Tax?