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Our Services

We provide personal financial planning that is customized to each client's needs on a fee for service basis. This allows clients to know that they have an advisor working for them as opposed to a proprietary salesman. Because the cost is determined up front, clients don't have to worry whether the meter is running with each phone call. Once the planning process is completed, we are able to implement planning recommendations so clients can do what they do best. Planning areas include:

  • Retirement Planning —Do you know what you will need to enjoy retirement and not just survive it? Will you outlive your assets or will they outlive you?
  • Investment Planning —Are you being compensated fairly for the level of risk you are assuming in your portfolio? Does your current advisor care more about his plan or yours?
  • Estate Planning —Is your estate structured to ensure the timely and efficient distribution of your assets upon death? Are you sure you are paying the least amount of taxes possible?
  • Business Owner Planning —Is your plan for unlocking the value in your business realistic? Who will succeed you in running/owning the business and what will you need to walk away smiling?
  • Retirement Plan Consulting —Are you fulfilling your obligations as a plan fiduciary? Are you and your participants receiving proper and unbiased representation for your plan?

These are some of the many questions we work to resolve for clients. By serving our client's needs first, last and always, we aim to deliver the best financial planning services available and will never sacrifice long-term client relationships for short term gains.